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I have used extensivelly the Digital Video Essentials disc to calibrate my KV32FX68 Sony TV and I have a question. They say, when it comes to properly setup the tv brightness with the grey pluge, that all the 3 stripes should be visible. Problem is, my S540 outputs only the 2% and 4% stripes (the inner ones, the outer one is missing) which could mean that the dynamic video range of this player is wrong.
My question is: the third (missing) stripe is it below black or not? Should I worry about not having it? And, what is funny, I got a friend with the previous model S530 who swears that his player outputs this third stripe which I find annoying to say at least (newer model with less capability???).

Thank you for your kind replies,



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I've just gone through the same process with the same DVD player and have the same results - I cannot see the outer black line that's supposed to be there.

Is this a problem with the player or are we missing something?




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Hi Paul,

Yes, afterall I think this is a problem with the player. It's safe to assume that it's not passing "blacker than black" information. I looked everywhere in the menu for a "black" setting but I didn't find it. There is a mention in the manual about a "black level shift" thing, but that don't exist in reality. It was a confirmed typo.

Otherwise, this player is truly outstanding with interlaced pictures...



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Another typo is the video shift which compensates for RGB shift problems, I think these are due to them being Philips based but made for Yamaha, as you say, good quality for around £100.
Biggest problem is having to hit play twice after restart or risk restarting the disc.

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