Black level on Sony KV28LS35 is.........

..driving me mental:mad:

the "movie" setting is too bright, making blacks (like Space scenes in sci-fi films, Alien, etc...) look washed out and snowy.

the "live" setting is too dark, making it hard to see some of the action.

the "personal" is all over the shop, as i have to keep changing it for different DVDs.

all this is happening in RGB mode, which isn't very impressive from a sony at all.:(

any other owners having trouble with this set. and what is a good set-up disc to buy, so i can try and get some "standard" in place?

thanks.:mad: :(


I have the sony px2 rp television. I also find movie setting too bright, live just crappy and have had to set it to personal. I find that in order to get a nice black background I have to have the brightness too low making it too dark on light scenes. I cant win.



Best thing I found was to use the THX Optimiser found on some DVD's,Star Wars Episode 1 for example.
There are some that deal with brightness/contrast and I found these a great help in helping to acheive a balance.
I used to notice some solarisation effect on some of the dvds I had that seemed to be caused by these levels being too high and once I had reduced them it disappeared with the added bonus of some finer detail becoming more obvious.
Some of the tests you have to have a special filter for but they are only for the colour settings.
Oh,just noticed you are using RGB and I am only using SVHS so dont know if you can alter brightness/contrast in RGB,can you?
By the way I am also using the KV28LS35.


I am a very happy owner of a KV28LS35 TV set.

I also noted that the pre-adjust image options are horrible but it is possible to solve it. In the movie option you can can move the contrast bar. If you do this 5 times to the left you have, more or less exactly, the adjustment of the THX optimizer of SW E1. Don´t touch it and now you can use the persdonal option for the TV emissions.

Take into account tath you can also play with yor DVD settings. My DVD player have a black level and contrast adjustment.

Good luck


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