Black Lagoon - Another Anime Gem

Solomon Grundy

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Hi. I keep discovering superb Anime shows on our streaming services.

Black Lagoon is currently on Netflix and it's quite hard to describe. Firstly it deserves its 18 Rating. It's pretty violent and has some mature content which might raise an eyebrow.

The story itself though is pretty gripping stuff. Set in the 1990s it follows a group of mercenaries, The Lagoon Company, as they complete hired work, mainly for the Russian Mafia. This fan-made trailer below gives the gist of it...deep breath, discretion advised, not for kids...



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'Your Name' anime film is a must on Prime,
i saw it originally in native lang with eng subs, this one is english dubbed on Amazon.


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Saw all of Black Lagoon ages ago on rental from Lovefilm (that's how long ago) and I remember liking it a lot, though the third season went a bit off the rails - something about an assassin nun I seem to recall and the main narrator getting disenchanted with the pirate life, or something.

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