Black Hawk Down , Superbit , WHY ? ?


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I have just noticed that the above title is being released in June on R1.Now why would they want to do that ? The R3 release has already been given very very good reviews from just about every reviewer.As well as getting a superb transfer and audio quality, you get 2 discs of extras AND the soundtrack thrown in as well.You can't really ask for more than that.
Now I know that the Superbit titles have higher bit rates for the picture, but how many of us are going to able to "ACTUALLY" see the difference.I think only the really large projectors with high end players feeding them , are going to see any difference.
Unless Superbit really raised the bar again in the PQ and SQ , I don't think I will see any difference on my Panny HD6.
Please give me you're opinions.



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Presumably so people who have region 1 players have the option to buy a superbit title. I'm assuming because the Yanks have better prices and the titles come out usually earlier than the UK that they are probably more less likely to buy multiregion players. If that's the case then I'm sure they'd be happy to purchase the superbit title if it does offer better pq and sq over the original.
We lucky people who have multiregion players have the luxury of being able to buy the best copy available from any region :)

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You won't be dissappointed, the review got it spot on...

One of the best dvd purchace's I've made :smashin:



I hope so. I've already got the 3 disc R4 version, and I had the R2 before that! Now need to offload the R4. :D

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Just another ploy from the insidious ColTris marketing machine, palming off this so called 'improved technology' in the hope of making more money (as you can see, I think of them in terms of:

"SuperSh*t - pay us more money for this version in return for the placebo effect of having better pq" :)

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Gaffer74, I understand what you mean about many Superbit titles not being much/any better than the original release but there are some exceptions, and this package is one of them IMO (another is The Fifth Element, but thats another discussion)

I don't know how much (if at all) better it is than the R4 3-disc copy as I have not personally seen that version, but I can tell you that it was quite a bit better than the R2 2-disc copy that I borrowed from a friend to do a comparison...



Superbit is meant to be the film and no extras but Columbia is breaking that trend with the release of the region 1 Superbit of Spiderman soon which will have a so called exclusive Tobey Maguire commentary.


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The R3 3 disc is a superbit...

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