Black Hawk Down (R3) Superbit Deluxe (3 Disc)?


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Can anyone point me to a place where I can get the Black Hawk Down (R3) SDE (Superbit Deluxe) (4 Disc) DVD?? I tried movietyme but it said

"We are sorry but the products listed above that have *** after the title do not exist in the quantity that you require.
Please note that used titles as a rule are one off units, please amend your quantity to reflect this."

I really want to get this, any help would be really appreciated!! :lease:


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not for £50! :eek:

Any more places??

fire boy

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I got one off flea-bay for about £16 inc delivery(all be it some time ago)

You could also try yes asia

Will Scarlet

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As far as I'm aware this version is OOP, so the secondhand market is your only option.

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