Black Hawk Down R2 layer change

dts borg

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What is going on with the people who master these movies for DVD, are they blind! Why put a layer change in when someone is talking.............. :clown:

Blade 2, Pulp fiction and now Black Hawk Down.

Bring back flippers if they can't do the job right........:p

every dvd movie should have dts.


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Agree with you on the layer change.

Watched it again last night (first time since the cinema). I still like this film but it doesnt stand up to repeat viewing for me. I thought it was fantastic after the first viewing but just good after the second (even with a four month+ gap).

Thought the picture transfer was good and the 5.1 mix was quite active. Seemed to always be plenty going on in the rears.



I have the following kit in my HC setup and would like any opinions on why Blade II, Frailty, Black Hawk Down, Memento SE and Resident Evil all seem to have what can only be described as grain and sort of flickery backgrounds intermittently :

Schneider 21" TV (Possibly swapping for a Bush Widescreen from asda - not sure of model no but if anybody knows what I am referring to let me know if it's good or not)

Sony DVP-NS300 DVD Player connected to a switch box by a Vivanco Prowire Scart - Scart 3M (have tried without switchbox and it is the same)

HELP as I am getting well PO'd ! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Dave H

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I would stay away from bush if I were you they are cheap to buy but are not very long lasting !


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Originally posted by Dave H
I would stay away from bush if I were you they are cheap to buy but are not very long lasting !

Im sure my mother told me that very thing when I was going away to university...

dts borg

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You using a dvd player andy or a VCR?

schneider, Bush & Asda Strange Combo.

Dump the gear and get a £10k loan, Then go Home cinema shopping, if your lucky you will have enough money left over for some chicken kiev from M&S mmm tasty...............:p

Go on GO FOR IT..............;)

sure this thread was about layer changes on new dvd movies:confused:


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Originally posted by groundy
What's the transfer and 5.1 mix like?

The transfer and sound effects were excellent, but the explosions don't exactly put the sub' to the test.... which is mildly disappointing.

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