Black Friday finally here, any 65 inch TVs


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Hi folks
Thanks for all your previous comments. A lot have recommended 65 Hisense 8UB.

so been keeping an eye out and now its Black Friday the 8UB us still £799

not really seen any great deals, so just wondering if anyone has come across any somewhere.
I think the budget would ideally be no more than £700, less if possible

many thanks


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I think the 65'' Phillips hue set is a bargain if you are a fan of bias lighting as it will improve the PQ far more than the very very moderate PQ differences model to model at this price range.

I don't think its a gimmick.. it can genuinely enhance the experience past what the minuscule changes there are with TV sets at this price range. It also improves dark room performance a lot. Of course some purists won't like it. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have an OLED TV.. but at this price range I find I'm trying to distract myself from the trade offs (black levels, contrast, colour volume, banding) and god damn is the ambilight not a bad solution to that all.

Samsung have the 25% sale for uni student too and their QLED range is always dependable if you want to go down that route.

Or if ever in doubt, just go Panasonic (I like the stand they on their TVs this year as it makes for easy placement anywhere). They'e just very dependable and always have the best PQ out of the box.

I couldn't see many good deals other than those 3 at this price range (I had to have a look for my sister).


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Hi chaps
Thanks very much indeed for your replies. I know my son would definitely want the Phillips with the ambilight hocus pocus.

looked at one and it said panel frequency is 50 Hz. From the forums thats why the Hisense 8UB is 100hz.

one of the uses for the playroom is for the teens ps4 gaming


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I have just looked at the Samsung 65 RU8000 as its £794Between the Hisense 8UB and the RU 8000, which tv would be better and can you day why???

also, is the RU8000 100Hz or 50Hz



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Sorry folks, last quick query, just seen this on Costco for £699.99. Sharp LC-70UI9362K 70 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV



Sharp are owned by UMC but this TV probably has the same panel as found on other 70" TVs, also produced by sharp (or UMC) themselves.

Panel aside, the quality of the TV overall is perhaps questionable compared to other brands, it must not be compared to the sharp of old, which used to make some cracking if you do want explicitly a 70" model I'd buy from another manufacturer instead like LG. The 70" UM7xxx series LG won't be far off it in price.

Still though, the Hisense U8B crushes the others for value for money, even if it is a little more expensive. As does the Samsung RU8000.


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Hi Dodge

thank you very much indeed for the advice.
Had a good chat with the wife last night what we are going to do.
For the 65 the thoughts are the U8B or RU8000
Are these two about the same or one better?

we were wondering if we compromised and opted for a 60 inch tv.
To help this decision with your vast knowledge etc would you be able to recommend two 60 inch tvs worth looking into please?

thank you so much as always


I wouldn't advise going for 60 or 70 as value for money is less at these sizes due to less competition.

The Hisense U8B is certainly a much better TV overall, the RU8000 is only good compared if you are a gamer and want to take advantage of VRR support.
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