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Reviewed by Mark Botwright, 28th February 2010
Black Dynamite won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It is aimed at those who have an affinity for parodies, have some knowledge of Blaxploitation cinema and like their comedy decidedly on the silly side. Yet I found it far more accessible than these parameters would initially indicate it to be. The perfectly created ‘70s atmosphere, coupled with gags that vacillate between overt slapstick and downright subtle will no doubt gain it a far wider audience, and deservedly so.

The disc itself is similarly strong, with all the areas of audio, visual and extras well catered for. The presentation style may not sit well with those who like their Blu-rays pristine, but it depicts the material in the manner in which it was intended. The music is a joy to hear in lossless audio and the bonus features all have a warmth to them that shows us that small budget comedies, when made by those with drive and passion, are far from dead in the current climate of barnstorming blockbusters. This sits right at the top of my current favourites pile.
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