Black dot on some recordings


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:lease: I have an odd problem. I have Sky HD connected to my Bravo 50 rear projection via hdmi cable. Every know and again I get a black dot in the middle of the screen slightly higher than centre and very noticeable. It is what I imagine a dead pixel to look like. The funny thing is I only get it sometimes and only when watching some recordings using Sky+, does not matter if the content is HD or SD. Never happens (fingers crossed) while watching live TV.

So far I have had it on Planet Earth (Not all episodes)
Hotel Inspectors (not my cup of tea but the wife like it)
Coronation Street (again the wife)

Anyone any ideas please, do you think it is a problem with the TV or Sky HD+

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This is a known problem with recordings made with the manual recording function - is this what you used ?


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This dot is related to PIN-protected programmes.

The workaround is to rewind the programme to the beginning.
(dont HOLD DOWN the rewind button, let it get to the beginning by itself )

You will then get a blue-screen indicating the start of the programme.

Press PLAY and the black dot is gone!


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Many thanks again. I have just recorded part of a Nat Geo HD programme, stopped tghe recording played it back no black dot. Came out of the programme `locked it` watchced it again black dot on screen!!! turn off `lock` no black dot. How stupid!!! surley Sky could sort this.

Saying that not to much of a problem just won`t lock programmes!!!

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