Black Bars on Phillips 32PW9595




I bought this set from Comet back in September and I've been relatively happy with it. I've noticed recently some dark bars down the left hand side of the screen, as see from all the posts in here that it's not uncommon. I've booked a service engineer, who's coming out next Monday, and I'm wondering where I stand. It doesn't sound like it's a problem that can be fixed easily, so I want to be ready for any 'games' that the engineer might play. After having had the set for 4 / 5 months, can I still push for a replacement or refund? I'm concerned that he's going to tell me that the picture is with acceptable tolerance (especially if that means they'll try to skin me £40 for a wasted visit!).
Any advice you can give which will help me get the best result would be much appreciated.

Well, the engineer from Comet came out yesterday and spent approximately five minutes in the house. I showed him examples of the dark bars and he looked quite uninterested. He then said that he wouldn't do anything at that time, but would contact Phillips to ask their advice. All he did was peek behind the set to get the model and serial number. I think he was doing this to humour me rather than anything else!
The thing that surprised me a bit was that he never touched the set or the remote at all. He took my word for it that it wasn't simply caused by bad cabling, or interference from my DVD / video or whatever. When I mentioned ferrite rings to him, he just looked blankly at me.

I don't have a good feeling about this at all.

Have any of you had a similar experience with Comet's repair guys?
Comet phoned back yesterday to say that they'd heard back from Phillips. Apparantly, what the set needs is ferrite beads, so they're going to come back and fix it. It was a struggle not to say 'I told you so'.
Will report back to let you know if this finally fixes the problem.
At least the engineer did something and called Phillips, the last engineer we had to look at our washing machine vanished into thin air. Literally!

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