Black and White Sound problem


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Wonder if anyone can shed light on a strange problem I've got:

Yesterday, I felt like playing Black + White, as I hadn't done for ages. So I installed it, which went through fine. When I started playing it, I had no sound (I've got an SB Audigy 5.1 with the latest drivers, which, up to now has been working fine). I quit Black + White, and I had no sound in my desktop either, no sound anywhere in fact. I tried reinstalling the drivers, and that had no effect. In the end, in desperation, I uninstalled the sound card from the device manager, rebooted, reinstalled it, and then the sound came back.

Fine, I thought, just an odd Windows based glitch. But when I try B+W again, exactly the same thing happens.

Anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening, and how I can get round it?


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Well, since you asked: my speaker fader was set to rears only!!!

Black + White, for some reason, appears to trigger a change in speaker settings from 2.1 to 5.1, so it wasn't sending any sound at all to the rear speakers. Reinstalling the drivers doesn't change that. Only uninstallaing and reinstalling will set the sound card back to its defaults. I eventually cottoned on to what was going on when I was using the Audigy diagnostic software, and I ran a sound test.

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