BK XXLS400 to SVS PB or PC 2000 ?


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Im thinking of going to either an SVS PB2000 or the dustybin PC2000, the latter goes down to -16hz, that appeals to me , I'm not looking for crazy bass but more a few chest punches.
I don't have knowledge of measurements and I'm restricted to placement, in the pic you can see my Bk, it's DF , the PB2000 would be firing into the unit with my centre sp on although I can arrange a 500mm gap, not sure if that would work, the PC2000 will have to sit right in the corner where the cat is under the left fron sp,

Any thoughts on if this may work ?. Room is 12x21 feet lounge diner.


Russ 66

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Have you thought about a second BK XLS400 if you can squeeze one in?

Have you got REW?
It's a free download and it's got a room sim on it. Basically you put in your room dimensions and MLP. You can then play with positioning upto four subs anywhere in the room. This then gives you a simulated frequency response.

It's very easy to use and accurate as long as your room is a rectangle / square.
With subs postponing is key but is normally a compromise.
This is where multiple subs can help.


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Two subs aren't really an option for me, I was going to download that REW but gave up as there was so much crap to wade through just to sign up to that forum!.
I must have another look though if it's as useful as you say.


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Some pics of this massive sub that I got for £535 at LSound. It looks massive bit is about 22 Kg and can be moved with little effort.[emoji33]

Had to notch up the SW Level / Gain on my AVR from -4.5dB to +4.5dB to get some decent bass and to ensure that there is enough bass energy felt even at low volumes. Kitchen rumbled for the first time ever. Low end is heard properly. Nothing swallowed in [email protected]@@ing Irene scene in Black Hawk Down. [emoji106]

Wondering if my old Tannoy sub would have sounded similar with the level increased by 8db. [emoji15]

Will give both subs a proper workout this weekend but I don't think it will be fair comparison when it comes to contents below 25Hz.

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Opening scene in Transformers literally rattled my walls. I am hearing sounds and bass energy I have never heard or felt with my old sub. Unfortunately had to head to work. Looking forward to playing around with the sub this weekend.

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