BK XLS300- How excited should I be?


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Tomorrow I'm off to buy a 6 month old BK XLS300. I've never owned a sub before and it's going to used alongside my KEF KHT6000s.

I have put together very cheap surround systems since my time at university and now, as I prepare to move out of rented accommodation and into my new house for the first time, I am starting to pull together a nice set of kit. I have loved the KEFs since they arrived but they have lacked the real kick that bigger units have. It's only recently that I realised how important the sub is and I'm like a kid at christmas thinking about my new toy.

I prob shouldn't have started a thread just to expound my excitement but I have read so much on these forums that has guided my decisions I thought I should post to say thanks.

My only really question is... What is an acceptable level of excitement for getting your first sub? :D

Oh and how pleased should I be that I'm getting the sub for £250?

Must go and read all those threads about good test material...again!

A very excited LFE newb,


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I've never owned a sub before and it's going to used alongside my KEF KHT6000s.

This alone means you should be pretty excited :smashin:

And that's an excellent choice for a first sub :)


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I would curb your excitement a tad as the move to a 'real' sub can often be a dissapointment initially. Most people, myself included have (or at least had) a somewhat warped opinion as to what bass really is, having been subjected to a lifetime of boom and distortion from Novas, Nightclubs and cheap soundsystems. :D

However once you get used to the fact that boom does not equal bass, you can really start enjoying 'feeling' bass.

You will almost almost undoubtedly love your new purchase but it may also take some getting used to so don't get disheartened if it isn't quite what you were expecting. You will soon start to appreciate clean, detailed and fast bass :smashin:


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I've never owned a sub before and it's going to used alongside my KEF KHT6000s.


You know, for an english teacher, you must be pretty excited to have made such a glaring error:lesson:


Having just joined the LFE club myself, you're in for a magical journey involving rattling doors and strange looks from your neighbours.



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I never had a sub before and went for an SVS, gutted at first, I thought it was a waste of money. After a week of deciphering REW and getting it tuned to my seating position, Im smiling at all my music, its like a breath of fresh air. I cant see how I would do without one now.

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