BK XLS200 performance



Thanks to this forum, I got interested in the BK subwoofer XLS200, both for hi-fi and HC, essentially because of its seemingly excellent quality/price ratio.

I have some questions related, and I would be glad if someone could answer.

1. How does it compare to some well appraised "udiophile" subs, like MJ ref. 200 or Rel Strata V or Rel Stampede, which are notably more costly?

2. I read that the XLS200 has good frequency response till rather deep tunes. But how about distortion? Is there some measure about its distortion, for instance at 80/90/100 dB and 50/31.5/20 Hz. These are the truly relevant parameters to evaluate the quality of a subwoofer [Velodyne's and SVS seemed to destroy REL's in this department, according to some reports I read].

Is there someone who can help me?

Thanks in advance.


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1. I don't think it will perform as well as the subs you mention, but they are over twice the price of the XLS200! I doubt if the difference would be huge but it's up to you if it's worth the extra money.

2. I don't think anyone has taken any distortion measurements (other than in subjective listening tests). I certainly don't have the equipment to perform them myself.

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