BK XLS200 on it way but will it out perform the old Paradigm PS1000v3?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by matt magor, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Hi im Matt im new to avforums, ive always came here for a good look at real life reviews and opinions.
    To start off my query my room is 4m x 4.6, it is a ground floor flat with a solid floor and solid walls.
    My current equipment consists of the following:
    EPSON TW700
    YAMAHA RX-V2700
    KEF TDM 23C
    KEF TDM 23F
    KEF TDM 34DS
    KEF TDM 34DS (not yet added the extra speaker for 7.1 so is still 6.1)
    2X PARADIGM PS1000v3's (well did have but ive just sold the pair of them)
    XBOX360 c/cw HD-DVD drive.
    SKY HD

    Ive just ordered a BK XLS200 in LIght Oak, I must admit im buying it blind as ive never seen one in its flesh or worse still even heard one!

    Ive read many reviews by owners and they seem to be happy with them apart from the big brother the Monolith!
    I do listen to my music at very high levels (god bless the neighbours!) and listen to everything from electro 80's, urban stuff like hiphop and R'n'B, abit of rock and especially D'n'B! So you know the subs are gonna be driven hard!

    Anyway ive just sold the subs I was using prior to my wanting something new, they were my trusty old Paradigm PS1000v3's.
    These had enough output to rattle the flat like hell and upset the neighbours!
    But I wanted something with simular output, with plenty of control and get my music down to those extra few HZ on the lower end of the frequency.

    After compairing the in room frequency response of the two I noticed the Paradigm's good for around 23HZ limit wise compaired to that of the BK XLS200's 17HZ......

    I really wondered if anyone who know owns or has heard a BK XLS200 has owned or heard a Paradigm PS1000.

    Your opinions would be very greatfull...

    Regards Matt

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