BK XLS200 , looking for 50Hz


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Took delivery of one of these the other day and i love it already.

Just using it with 2 channel audio and its fast , tight and deep sounding :) .

As anyone who owns a BK knows , the frequency dial is marked out like a clock and I'm wondering if anyone here knows what the is the Hz frequency corresponding to each mark on the knob?

From searching the forums here , someone mentioned that the 12 o'clock position corresponds to around 80Hz, can anyone confirm this ?
In particular I'm trying to find out where the 50Hz setting is.

Currently i have the frequency knob turned to slightly above 8 O'clock.




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If you look at the dial you'll see that it ranges from 40Hz to 120Hz. Some mental arithmetic will tell you that the 7 marked points in-between are at 10Hz intervals. Therefore the first indication above 40Hz corresponds to 50Hz.


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Hi there , thanks for replying but if you look at the dial there are 9 marked points (not 7) between the 40hz and 120hz.

Im guessing this would make 50hz slightly above the first marking.

Anyone confirm this?


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If the first mark is 40Hz and the last at 120Hz, then that would make the first mark after 40Hz the 50Hz mark.

I wouldn't worry too much though. The actual frequencys the marks correspond to is seldom the actual roll off frequency achieved, anymore than a speaker quoted as rolling off at 50Hz will actually do so in a room.

I would use the minimum of test tones and an SPL meter to measure the actual roll-off of the speakers and adjust the subs crossover to match it, regardless of what is actually indicated on the dial.



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Thanks russell.

Just had a reply back from tom at BK who told me that the 50Hz position is situated between 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock on the xls200 .

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