BK XLS200 DF connected straight to 50" Plasma... Expert Opinion/Advice Appreciated


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Hi All :thumbsup:

Just looking for some expert opinion on my proposed plan.

My very, very humble set-up comprises...

Room: 16 1/2ft (5m) x 13ft (4m)

Plasma (Pioneer 50" 507XD) with original Pioneer side mount speakers,
Playstation 3.

My gear sits on an AV rack across one corner... and in the diagonal opposite corner is a large "L" shaped sofa.

I rent a top (2nd) floor flat (so neighbour below me to consider, unfortunately!). Floors are Parkade wood (fairly solid... with concrete below i assume). Mine have carpet over the top.

I have no ambition in the short term to purchase Amplifier, Surround Sound etc, etc (but who knows once i get infected with the upgrade bug). :rolleyes:

I would like to add a Sub to my set up to underpin the audio the side mount speakers produce (they lack low end as you can imagine)

I have spent a long time reading literally 100s of threads/posts within this forum + FAQs etc, etc.

Due to the basic nature of my set up... i initially had the impression that anything other than an entry level sub would be "overkill" and offer diminishing returns.

I have now realised that it does not quite work like that. Despite not fully using a "better" sub to its full potential i feel that maybe a less budget sub would offer more control anf therefore improved end result ???

To cut a long story short... i've initially considered BK, SVS etc...

I initially thought that a BK Minotaur would be adequate.... then it was going to be the BK Gemini.

I've now decided that the BK XLS200 Down Firing would be a better all round Sub. I am happy to pay the asking price and in the grand scheme of things appears a very good piece of kit (pound for pound).

I like the clean look of the downfiring sub, especially as i plan to have mine tight in a corner.

I've looked at the SVS PB12 etc... they look good too (few more bucks, but within budget).

I do not think the SVS are downfiring tho ???

My plan is to have the Sub... in the corner of the room, sat behind the TV/AV rack. It will be fairly tight to the corner which i assume is a good thing?

I plan to buy a thick granite square slab. The Sub will be sat on its spikes on the slab. Also, a few layers of something like carpet underlay between the slab and my floor to help isolate the whole thing from the floor below. (i appreciate it will not be isolated from sound waves, but only physical vibrations from the Sub itself)

This is my first ever Sub purchase, so just need a little reassurance that i'm doing the right thing!

The back of my Plasma has a "Subwoofer Out" which looks like a co-axial connection.

The Sub will be connected straight to the back of the Plasma. I'm assuming from a power point of view, it will not struggle as it draws from the mains and has on board amp.

Would it (by default) receive the low frequencies when connected to my panel's "Sub Out" as there is no settings except "enable"?

From looking at the downloadable manual (BK website) i assume i would connect this to "Low Level" in to one of the 2 "R & L" inputs. How does this work? Will one of these be surfice or should i bridge them with a "Y" connector?

Also, settings?... As i only have the very average side mount speakers i assume i will have frequency set to 120Hz... and Phase to 180?

Not too sure about Gain?... Is this the Sub's volume?

Within my tv's "sound settings"... i can choose "subwoofer" or "headphones". When i select "Sub" a volume control appears. The scale of this is 0-60. It is defaulted at 15.

Do i use this at all? Does it matter?... or would the Sub's "Gain" take care of the volume level?

I know my plan does not compare at all with a dedicated surround sound set ups like all of you guys have (very jealous of some of you!), but i know it will add alot more enjoyment to my current Blueray, Sky and Gaming habits.

Thanks for taking the time to read my waffle...

Any advice / tips are very welcome :smashin:


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Whew, I made it :rolleyes:

Just a word of advice, if you have a load of questions it helps if you number them so it is easier for us to reply specifically :)

The subwoofer out will go to the left or right Low level input on the sub, no Y connector is needed.

The Sub Volume on the TV and on the Sub more or less do the same thing so set them both to 30-50% and then adjust one to bring the subwoofer volume inline with the TV's speakers. Ideally you will use an SPL meter for this.

The TV may have a fixed crossover for the sub in which case turn the subwoofer crossover to maximum or off, and phase at 0.

I think that is about it. If you want to go into setup in more depth then come back once the sub is home and you have had a play. Common problems are 'boomy' monotonous bass or bass is good in one listening position but you can't hear it in another.

Don't worry about that though until you know you have a problem, an SPL meter is a sensible purchase in any case :)



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Whew, I made it :rolleyes:

Hi Adam

Good point... well made

(just re-read my ramble and it seems to go on for an age)

Ok... so BK XLS200 DF...

1/ Is this a sensible choice for the way i wish to connect.

I'm assuming the Sub will receive all of the low frequencies from my sources via the tv's sub output?

Am i right in saying that i would notice a better end result with the XLS200 DF over the Minotaur & Gemini? :confused:

2/ I pretty much have just the one location in mind for the location of the sub... the corner apex behind the av rack in the corner of the room.

Is having a corner location a wise choise... or could it cause me sonic problems?

My room is a fairly square... and the viewing position is the direct opposite corner from the set up, so things are fairly symetrical.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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