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BK XLS200 and NAD T752 connection

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Milenario01, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Milenario01


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    I have a doubt concerning my XLS 200 (excellent) sub. I have it connected via the RCA and low level conection only, 120Hz passing frequency in the sub and cutting at 80 Hz in the A/V amplifier (a NAD T752).

    I have a couple of doubts:

    - the 80 Hz setting in the NAD, does it apply only to speakers set to SMALL or it affects every signal including LFE channel? Recently I have changed all speakers to SMALL in home cinema configuration.

    - if I want to connect the sub simultaneously via high (Neutrik) and low level (RCA), which is the role of the frequency crossover in the sub? I would need to stablish a 45 Hz crossover setting in high level with my main speakers, but if I set frequency crossover in the sub at this point , wouldn't it affect to LFE signal as well ?

    To summarize: I would need to set up a 45 Hz filter when connecting via high level (specially for music listening) and a 120 Hz (i.e. no filtering) for LFE. IS it possible simultaneously without tweaking with sub controls each time I change from stereo to hc listening?

    Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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