BK XLS200 Advice to all (Speaker level inputs)


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Well folks this is my first post, as I'm new to the forum, so here goes.

I recently bought a BK Electronics XLS200 to beef up the low end of my system. Initially I had it connected to my NAD C370 via the high level speaker inputs for testing purposes for the first few weeks.

At low levels it sounded fine, however as I cranked the volume on the NAD up the balance of the sound changed, with progressively less low bass as the volume went up. Testing with a voltmeter across the speaker terminals confirmed that anything above 1.5 Volts output from the NAD resulted in no further increase in volume from the XLS200.

Eventually I decided that the XLS200 was faulty, phoned BK Electronics and they were more than happy to take the Sub back to take a look at it. After a week I phoned them to see what was happening, and they said they could find no fault, althought they did confirm that the high level input sensitivity of the XLS200 was 1.5V as are all of their Sub amplifier panels. Basically what this means is that 1.5V input produces full output from the sub (dependant on sub gain setting).

In practical terms it meant the NAD never got past the 9 O'clock position before the XLS200 started clipping at the input stage.

To confirm this I connected the XLS200 to the NAD via the low level connections to the 2nd set of preouts on the NAD. The result was, when cranked up (past 1 O'clock), massive bass and a vibration which I could feel on my face. (Nothing wrong with the power amplier section of the sub then)

Anyway, the point is if you want to buy an XLS200 and only use the high level inputs connected a Hi-Fi amplifier speaker output which can be as large as (24V), then don't.

BK are not alone as many sub manufactures seem to use 1.5v as an input sensitivity, which is strange, as I work out that 1.5 v across your main speakers equates to about 1/3 Watt assuming a 6 Ohm load. My XLS200 was modified very kindly by Bk Electonics to take about 4V and the high level gain reduced.

Sorry it's been a long and techy first post, but it's worth bearing in mind if you are going to buy one on listen to music only connected to your amps speaker terminals.


Cheers folks


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from various posts i've come across, REL seem to be the ones to go for if you want to use a high level connection......i certainly know my Strata 5 takes everything my amp can throw at it....lol....and then throws it straight down in to the floor and up my chair!..heh


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I did note that I had to set the high level gain very low to get the level I liked, but it does sound very good with music and I can drive it hard from the HiFi amp. Do agree though if this is the norm BK need to make an adjustment along the lines you describe. The way it's set up now there's not much to play with movement-wise on the high level gain between zero and distortion...PJ


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I quickly gave up on the High level too. Couldn't see any benefit over the Low level. This probably is down to me being a heathen who mostly listens to music in DPL2. It also had the benefit of keeping the skirting boards on for a little longer. ;)


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binbag said:
I quickly gave up on the High level too.
To be clear, I use the low level for my AV setup which is why I bought the sub. The ability to connect it to my HiFi too was a bonus!...PJ

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