BK Monolith to go with MA Silver RS6 speakers?


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Hi guys,

I am looking to add some serious bass to my existing setup which I puchased quite recently. My current set up is as follows:

Monitor Audio Silver RS6 for front L+R
Monitor Audio RSLCR for front dialog speaker
Monitor Audio Radious R90 for rears
Yamaha RX1700 AV Receiver
Denond 1920 DVD Player

I am extrememely happy with my system for both movie and hifi usage. I am glad I paid the extra for the RSLCR as dialog is very clear indeed.

What sort of money should I be looking to spend on a sub to fit in well with this (mid range?) system? The BK Monolith currently looks like it will do the job. I already get decent bass out of the RS6s but I want some serious bass for when watching films. I have a detached house with no immediate neighbours which is one of the reasons I want a sub!

The MA RSW12 sub for £650 seems a little overkill to me, especially if I can get the Monolith for about £420.

Can anybody comment on the Monolith for this systtem? I did consider simply popping down to Richer Sounds and getting a Mordaunt Short 309 sub for £230 to save a lot of hassle with the hope it "will be good enough" but I am not so sure now.

The usage will be probably a 50/50 mix between movie + hifi usage. Sounds to me as if the BK XLS200 is may be not quite powerful enough for this system??? Will I simply be able to plug in the Monolith and away I go or will there be lots of tuning to make it worth with the large RS6 front speakers? I mean, will the bass from the RS6s worht with or against the Monolith?

Sorry, but I have never owned a sub before! :)

Thanks for any help!


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If you have the space to accommodate one you wont regret it I certainly dont :thumbsup:

And when you do get one, or any other decent sub, set your speakers (even the RS6's) to small and hear them come to life ;)


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Thanks Druboo!

Buying the Monlith will purely be based on the high recommendation of these forums and not via a demo! :)


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I've had a Monolith for 4 weeks - I'll say that at the start.

My impression is that provided you can accommodate the size and price of a Monolith you are unlikely to better it at that price. The build quality is very good indeed and the value is amazing probably due to direct purchase from the manufacturers. BK are a nice company too and will try their best to accommodate weird requests of delivery, finish etc. It will shake your room.

The much harder question is what do you want ANY sub to do. If its to add rumble and room shake to movies - fine, purchase today. If its to integrate into a good stereo system and enhance the bass without detriment in other areas then hold fire, this is hard in my experience, very hard, I'm not 100% convinced its even possible, but I'm still trying.



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Thanks for the input!

The Monolith is certainly a large beast and I must say that having now seen the XLS300 this seems like a much more sensible size for my lounge. Obviously it is too early for many/anybody to comment on how good the XLS300 is so I am hesitant to just buy it blind. I wonder how close the performance is to the Monolith? Sounds to me like it will be good enough without the worries of it taking over a whole corner of the lounge. Does anybody know what the expected difference will be? Does both forward firing and downward firing offer the same output from a sub? Does DF work better on a solid floor?


Ignore the geometry of subwoofers. Choose a subwoofer for its power, depth and headroom. Your speakers are quite capable in the bass. Roll them off at 80Hz and you'll need a sub which can replace your speakers bass response with matching volume, much greater LF extension and much lower distortion.

The Monolith or larger SVS models make more sense for films in the longer term. Nobody ever wants to downgrade once they have heard a great subwoofer in their own home. The excitement, suspense and sheer awe when film watching is down to the subwoofer.

Buy the largest and most recommended sub you can afford. Place it between your main speakers and a silly grin can be yours too. :)

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