bk gemini owners..... LFE setting??


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hi all,
having just decorated and put or my front rooms av gear back together i've been re-tweaking everything including playing with my bk gemini sub.

...i originally set it up and had the crossover set to 'LFE' as per reccomendations in the manual as it's connected to a av receiver.
....however a recent test tone during set up did'nt give a very good low level rumble at all....sounded quite harsh for a sub....plus the low level hum that owners have mentioned was still there....
.....knocking the setting back from 'LFE' to 80 htz sounded a lot better and gave a good low level rumble and the hum had gone.

as mentioned the manual states to set the sub to 'LFE' if connected to a av 'processor'...which i'm assuming relates to a reciever (cambridge audio 540r ver3) as well?
before i answer my own question with if it sounds good leave it alone :rolleyes:
should i leave it off the LFE setting or have i missed something during set up (currently have a thick head!).

cheers in advance


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The only thing that comes to mind is that it is connected to the right port on the av receiver but sounds a strange prob.
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definetly connected to the right place on the receiver and to the 'mono' one of the pair of inputs on the gemini.

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