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BK Gemini 2 - still not happy


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I got my Gemini 2 last week to replace my Jamo sub. I have to say that I havent noticed much difference, but I think that could be down to my living room.

I also had this problem with my Jamo sub, and I was hoping the Gemini would resolve it. I have loads of flat spots, it sounds really could in a couple of seating positions, but quite bad in the rest. I have tried to move the sub to every possible position in my living room, but it always seems to only sounds good in the same seating positions.

What else can I try to get the most out of this sub?

I have a through lounge, which is approximately 8m x 4m, but the main seating area is about 4m X 4m. I also have an unused chimney breast where the TV is mounted, with all my AV equipment in an opening in the chimney breast.

If it helps, I can post some pics of my living room.

Im desperate to get this sounding right, as Ive just upgraded the amp and TV, and at the moment it all seems like a big waste of money!!

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The problem will room related problems is that they are caused by the room, and a new sub doesnt change that. Have you done anything to try measure its in room response, and do you have any eq in the system, like say an auto setup on your AVR?


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Ive run the auto setup from the amp, but that just sets the volume level of the sub doesnt it?

How would I go about measuring the room response, and what would that tell me? And what could I then do with the results?



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My only advice is to keep tweaking crossover levels and stuff. There are a few options to play with on the Gemini, and tt took me weeks and weeks to get mine sounding right, and, initially, I was quite underwhelmed but it can pack a fair bit of welly when its set up right.


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I have a denon 1911

I think Ive made some progress. I have positioned the sub in the far right corner of the lounge, and that improved the balanced of bass in various seating positions (although some were still better than others).

I then got a rca y adapter and plugged in the old sub, in the opposite diaganol corner to the new sub. It sounds a lot better now, and apart from 1 seating position, they all sound pretty much spot on, and with a bit more tweaking im sure I can get them all sounding good.

However, I have 3 problems.

1) Is it ok to run 2 different manaufactured subs (Jamo & BK)

2) The new position of the sub means an rca cable running through the lounge, so I need to make it wireless. I have found a way but it costs £150!!! are the any cheaper alternatives?

3) If I go wireless, the wireless sub will have a delay in the time it receives the signal compared to the wired sub, how would I overcome this problem? Is this where phase comes into play?


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Any reason you wouldn't just get a longer cable?

I have a cable thats long enough, thats how I found the best position for it. Trouble is, I have no way of hiding the cable, and at the moment it is going straight across the middle of my lounge!!!

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