BK Electronics Gemini II subwoofer buzzing


I'm coming to the end of an email chain I started at the beginning of February regarding a buzzing sound I'm getting from my Gemini II sub. To be fair, apart from the occasional delayed replay, they've offered several troubleshooting steps and have replaced one of the components inside the sub.

After all that, I still get a quiet buzz which starts 5 seconds after switching on (i.e. once the anti-thump relay connects it to power). It is omnipresent, unchanging whatever I try and audible in a quiet room from the listening position.

I've just asked for a refund, if they are of the opinion that there is nothing further they can add, but I'm very interested to know if this is a problem inherent to the sub? It seems to be a frequently recommended item on these forums - surely they can't all have a buzz to them?


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You shouldn’t have an audible buzz sound when at your MLP. You will hear a slight noise from the transformer if you put your ear to the driver but it shouldn’t be much louder than that, unless you turn the gain up high. BK customer service is very good so they should be able to sort it.


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I purchased a BK Gemini II last year & it made the same persistent buzzing/ humming sounds. There are many comments about this on other threads on avforums. I don’t think it’s a fault - just a inherent trait of this model & it’s power supply.

Shorty before selling it, I moved it into a different room which is much larger & somewhat noisier (traffic). The hum was still there but just wasn’t nothiceable unless you put ear next to it - probably explains why some people find it problem & some don’t.

Incidentally I bought a Rel HT1003 as a replacement & it has zero transformer hum.
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Interesting, yes I had come across other similar posts. To their credit, I can't fault Tom, with whom I have been communicating, in terms of customer service. I may, however, end up with just going for a different brand.

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