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BK 300 or SB12+


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Hi all,

I can't accomodate a big box. I did have a PB12 at one time but the wife hated it. Last time i just bought it and the earache died away over a period of months:devil:

I just wonder whether the svs is worth the extra. Given the free cable pack the gloss black SVS is £495 so, the XLS 300 £389. Does anyone have experience of both?



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If you tossed a coin to decide, you'd end up with a great little sub either way. I've obviously had the BK in my room recently, and have met the SB-12 several times, albeit in other members rooms.

The cable pack seems nice and probably is, but in reality offers little that'll make any difference to the sound. The basic but solid 5m cable that comes as standard with all BKs, is plenty adequate and currently operating hum free in my room as I haven't got round to unfixing my Mark Grant cable from the wall yet.

What's the differences? The BK goes a bit deeper a fair bit louder, but the SVS goes a louder higher up and if you're an SPL fiend, approaches it's limits a bit more subtly. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

The SVS offers the additional feature of some room compensation controls, that if used correctly, could make the sub sound deeper if you have a problem room boom that needs taming.

If such tweakery is of no interest, then I'd definitely go for the BK and save the cash, but it's also worth noting that if you're likely to become a sad EQ fiend like any number of us, then you can pick up the BK and a BFD EQ device for the price of the SB12.;)

Other than that, it's down to looks and any personal preferences that may exist.



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Hi Russell

Many thanks for that mate. I think i prefer the gloss black SVS but i haven't been able to get hold of any pictures in situ. How good is the PEQ? Despite having had many subwoofers i have never attempted any kind of equalisation and it always seems rather daunting.

I was surprised to hear that the SVS is smaller than a Elegante E8AS1 as that seemed quite small. I could accomodate something between the sound of say a PB12 and the mission.



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Assuming Missions quoted specs are optimistic (as per usual) then the 36Hz -3dB point is seriously underwhelming. This was in fact backed up b y a member who measured an in room response barely deeper than his Elegante floorstanders. I'd take the SVS in preference every time.

The PEQ is very effective, if a touch tricky, but very much worth the effort. It can completely change the quality, tightness and perceived depth of the sound from a given sub. It's effect can be a bit weird to start with as loosing a familar room boom can initially sound like the impact has been robbed a bit. You soon learn to adjust and turn the sub up to compensate, letting those lovely really deap frequencies flood out.:)

I wibbled on about the SVS PEQ here with some graphs to show the difference it can make.

The gloss black looks fabulous by the way, but you will end up looking like Micheal Jackson using the white gloves that avoid finger prints. Not a look you'd want.:D

If the gloss black is a deal breaker, BK have a history of doing non standard finishes when asked nicely. There are white, silver and gloss black Monoliths in existence for instance.



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Now that is interesting Russ. Now if they could produce a pretty gloss black 300 i may be tempted

thanks for this btw, your a star



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I have a gloss black xls300 ... cost me £20 extra - well worth it IMO!

That may sway it for me as well. I know people say BK's are the best for the money, but they look pretty plain normally, Gloss Black may just do it for me.....


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mmm i think that just swing it, you dont have any pics do you mate?

Etienne A

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Here are the images - sorry for the delay (and for the floors which clearly need a sweep!). Pic quality is not top-notch but should give you an idea.

Note that the feet are from a Monolith - I ordered them instead of the standard ones.


  • XLS-300-1.JPG
    152.3 KB · Views: 285
  • XLS-300-2.JPG
    137 KB · Views: 351
  • XLS-300-3.JPG
    145.3 KB · Views: 347
  • XLS-300-4.JPG
    142.9 KB · Views: 423


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Mate, your an absolute star, just what these forums are about! Thats done it am ordering one!


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