BJC or Van Damme speaker cable?


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I am finally about to wall mount my TV and therefore going to reposition my speaker set up.

I am currently using Chord Layline 2 cable from a Yamaha Rxv3900 to RSFX surrounds. The longest run is about 30ft.

Unfortunately when I reposition one of the cables will be a bit short. I was thinking of changing to either the Blue Jean Speaker cable or the Van Damme 2.5mm Blue series. I have read the very informative articles on the site, however would appreciate some opinions on which to use.



I use Van Damme blue and it is a well constructed cable - difficult to say anything else really as any 2.5mm cable will sound the same.


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Yep, I'm using the Van Damme 4mm stuff too for my surrounds (sourced from Mark Grant Cables) and it's well built and solid. The cable is about 11mm in diameter and pretty heavy, so bear that in mind. The Blue 2.5mm is obviously smaller and lighter. Well made cables so absolutely recommend. :)


I stripped my 4mm cable so its about half as thick. Van Damme put 2 layers of rubber stuff around the copper and the outer one peals off if you cut it at the start with a stanley knife.


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Anything by Van Damme is decent quality. The blue speaker cable is nice stuff, but have a look at their hifi series cable - it's less bulky then the blue, which makes it a bit easier to hide under carpets, etc.

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