Bizarre networking problem


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Sorry to post on two PC problems in one afternoon!!

I've got a wireless network comprising a DSL-604+ ADSL router, a Desktop Evesham PC with a wireless PCI card in it, running Windows XP, and an Advent Laptop with a PCMCIA network card in, running Windows 98 SE.

Both computers communicate perfectly happily with the router, and surf fine. My desktop machine can see the laptop in the "my network places" bit, and can send files to it. But my laptop has now decided that it does not want to see my desktop PC at all, or print to it. When I double click on Net Neighbourhood in the laptop, I can sometimes see the laptop, and sometimes not, but I can never see the desktop. I've tried running the Networking Troubleshooter in Win 98 Help, but when I do that I get a blank help screen after the first question!!! I've run the "set up a network" thing on the Windows XP CD on the laptop several times, and the only net (pardon the pun) result seems to be that my laptop now thinks it has 5 printers attached to it rather than one!!

My head hurts as a result!!!

Anyone have a clue?


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The things that I could suggest would be to try recreating a new network connection with the laptop and the computer as this might do the trick! Start from scatch basically...make sure no firewalls are stopping access as well, sometimes this can be a problem that people forget about, including myself :).

Alternatively I would try getting windows xp on both the laptop and the computer this would probably make the networking a lot easier, I have networked my 2 computers up with windows xp with ease and I have never done it before till now using wireless router and wireless access point.


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Sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence in my experience either .. twice I have set up a mixed network only for the XP machine to cause problems when there's no earthly reason for there to be any. :(

Once I did coerce them to play nice by removing and re-installing the network components, the other one never did work.

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