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Bizarre issue connecting a Thinkpad to Sharp Aquos LCD TV

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by maverickman, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. maverickman

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    Jan 23, 2010
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    For a long time, I've been using my notebook PC to connect to my LCD TV and watch movies or windows media centre content from my home PC across my wireless network. Lots of people do this. The notebook is connected to the TV using the VGA cable. I would get the FULL screen image on my TV screen. This worked fine from the day I connected the TV to my notebook with no issues.

    Then one day, only the Notebook PC desktop background image appeared on my TV screen. I didn't change any settings or install any new software so I don't know how this happened.

    I started fiddling with the display settings to try and fix the problem.

    I right click on the desktop, select 'graphic options>output to' and right now output to dual display 'clone>notebook+monitor' is selected. This is as it should be I believe.

    Also, "panel fit" > notebook>full screen is selected and this is as it should be.

    I fixed the issue of seeing only the desktop background image on the TV by selecting
    'panel fit>monitor>maintain aspect ratio' and this allows me to now see a duplicate of my screen on
    the TV including video playback.

    BUT since this mode is maintaining the notebook's aspect ratio only a small portion of TV screen is
    used to display the notebook image. When I try and select 'full screen' for monitor I get a blank TV screen with an error that says "signal not compatible with this input". I've never seen this error before.

    I only want to connect the notebook to the TV if I can view on the FULL TV screen. I've tried every
    available combination on the display settings that I can see and the problem remains.

    If I select "graphic options'>output to>extend desktop>output to>notebook+monitor, I get the same
    error message on my TV screen.

    This worked perfectly from day one and then something changed. But I changed nothing. No settings on the TV or the notebook were changed - no new software installed on the notebook. And one day, I just started getting this error and the clone from notebook to the TV screen just stopped working.

    Can anybody help?

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