Bizarre DVD connection problems with RGB!



Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can provide any guidance in a problem that is driving me mad!

I currently have a 36" Panasonic PF10 TV and have used a Pioneer DV717 DVD with it for a couple of years using the RGB connection via a scart. This week I decided it was time for a change and brought the new Pioneer 656a DVD player but when connected through the same RGB connection I get a picture distortion that is best described as rolling interferance. This is visible on the setup screen as soon as you select 'RGB' as the output for the DVD player. Choose S Video and the lines go away.

I tried moving the player (5 feet away from the TV), tried a different wall socket for power and tried two different shielded scart leads. Still the same.

Worse, was the fact that I exchanged it for another player but still the same. Furthermore I decided to plump for another player, it's bigger brother, the 757a but guess what? Still the same. As soon as I swap back to the old 717 it is fine!!

I am really keen to hang on to the new Pioneer (now that my wife OK'd the purchase!) but can't justify changing the TV. Has anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks in advance, Michael


Thanks for the reply - I spoke to Panasonic today and they advised me to geet in touch with a local dealer to make a DVC 0 adjustment - whatever that is!

My local dealer promised to go and consult he service manual to find out what it was but it does seem that Panasonic are aware of the problem with these sets - let's just hope that they also pay for it.




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Hoi mjm

Your problem is the same as with my panny.
I also have the tx36pf10,they have an rgb problem.
You can ajust the dvc0 in the service menu.

1.first go to the soundmenu,then you put the volume from the BASS at max,the volume from the TREBLE to the min.
2.and set mode to SOUND

then press on the tv de button with F then you see volume,you can change the volume with the two buttons beside it at the same time you push index on your remote, whalla your in the servicemenu.
above you see your number of the tv.
below you see tv>>ext .
Now if you push one of the coloured buttons on your remote you wil walk to the menu.
The red and green one are for going true the menu ,the yellow and bleu ones are for changing the sets.

If you go true the menu the first ones are for changing the screen size then there are 3 or 4 that you will not change then the 6 or 7th is the one DVC0.
Put on a dvd if you see the stripes and puss the yellow or blue button to see if the line dissapear.
At the end you open the capp on your remote and press STR for storage en if you press N you will leave the menu.



I dont suppose anyone knows if that is the same way to access the 36pl30 service menu??

And would the dodgy panny RGB also effect the pl30 with pioneer DVD players?

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Raymen,

Many thanks for this - did it cure the problem you were having?

Also, is this OK for users to make the adjustment or do you need a TV engineer o make the adjustment? Can you do any damage to the TV by trying this yourself?!

Thanks again,



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Hi hippy

I don`t know if the problems wil solved on the new panny ,but it did on mine.
But you can try.


I had the same problem as you have.
I have the denon 2800 and the lines where visible to ,first I bought another scartkabel QED this changed a lot,but not the lines, then I found the service menu and tryed everything in it till I find dvc0,that was it........
But if you have the avia or the ultimate dvd you can set your tv also to the optimum with the service menu ,you first try everything out ,but don`t push the STR button ,than you can`t get in trouble,or you write everything down on paper,so if you change anything you can set it back to the old settings.

It is great that I could help you this way.


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