Bitten the bullet



Well folks thats it Plasma ordered.:D

Panny 42 (4 series with BNC connections) and Unicol tilting wall mount for £3300. They have the Panny in stock so it's getting delivered a week on Monday (could have been sooner but thats more suitable for me).:p

Got it from AV Sales and they still have others in stock but I think their offer ends on Sunday.

Now all I need is my house finished to put it in:(




I am about to join the Panny Club!
I have just ordered a Panasonic TH-42PWD4 and a Unicol Flat wall Mount from AV sales for £3260.63 inc VAT (FREE Delivery + 1 year RTB warranty).

I hope I have made the right choice. I was going to wait for the D5.

I will post the results here, they say that the D4 is brand new and boxed from Panasonic UK.

Its due next week !

Best Regards,

:D :D


I hope I have made the right choice. I was going to wait for the D5.

I know what you mean I feel the same. But I'm sure we can't go wrong with the 4 series, the reviews have been excellent.

Does anyone else feel a bit :blush: when they tell family how much they have just spent on a TV.

Keep us posted bluebear.



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I'm in the same boat, waiting to buy a 5 series 42", but being tempted by good deals on the 4 series. Has anyone actually seen the 2 side by side with any constructive (Helpful!) comments? I know many people have had threads about it, but there seems to be a great deal of fuss about this single/dual scan thing. I know Joe of TMF said the the 5 has new phosphors for better colours. I suppose whichever I choose its going to be good!

Jon Weaver

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The bit that swayed it for me was the fact that the Series 5 support "3:2 Pulldown" which should make NTSC playback smoother.

Plus, I was also told that the Series 4 was 8 bit, and the Series 5 10bit. This means that the Series 5 should be able to display a wider range of colours.

I havn't even seen a Series 5 running, so took a bit of a gamble, but I don't mind admitting all this negative talk is bothering me slightly.

I am looking forwards to hearing some informed responces on this subject.


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Exactly my thoughts Jon. I hope you get your stand soon!

Jon Weaver

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Good news on that front.. I decided I would escallate the lack of stands to Panasonic.

I was told that "they would be available in 2 weeks, or 20th November".

I took offence to the fact that I was being fobbed off, as the 20th November was more like 4 weeks.

I asked to speak to the customer service manager and expected him to fob me off also, but he was surprisingly understanding.. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I had "just spent £4000 on a Panasonic Plasma"

He went away to speak to the product manager and came back with a few options.

1. I coud buy the black stand (which are available) and they would subsidise the cost

2. I could buy the Toshiba stand (which is more exspensive) and they would subsidise the cost

3. They would ship one to Empire Direct.

What surprised me was that they were willing to base all of the above on the price that had been with Empire Direct (£111), which is too cheap.

After trying to get option 3 sorted, it turned out to be a logistic impossibility, so instead they are going to get me one direct from Panasonic.

I sent a cheque on Friday and I hope to get it mid week.

I still have to make my mind up on whether I should go for a Keene or JS converter and whether I should do the Component or VGA option.

I best make a decision by tommorow, or I won't be able to connect anything when the stand arrives.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will be able to tell whether it flickers or not!!

All the best



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My Panny 42PWD5 turns up tomorrow (Monday). Wanted the silver model but AV Sales said that I would be waiting forever to get one of them.
Just joined this Forum but will let you all now what the verdict is tomorrow :)


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Good luck Reggs, its Av-sales I've been talking too they seem great. Please let us know how it goes.


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TH42PWD5BX turned up this morning at 9:15 and I've just finished
hanging it on the wall and concealing all the cables. We have near 20
Sony plasma's in work (of differing ages) and in my opinion, this
Panny looks more vivid and solid than all of them. I am extremely
happy with my purchase and besides it looks damn fine!

Some things I've noticed + thoughts -
1. I have two DVD players - A pioneer DV545 and a Tosh110. The P
ioneer is superior to the Tosh, but it does not have component video out.
S-Video, and composite display through the Panny is very poor. Not the
Panny's fault as it looks as bad with normal CRT TV's. Component with the
Tosh however is stunning. I normally use SCART RGB for everything, but on
this evidence I think I'm going to have to invest in a converter. I was
contemplating making up a SCART to RGB (3 x phono) cable, if its
possible - Thoughts?
2. I couldn't force myself to spend £150+ on a wall bracket
- Call me a miser but that's just taking the proverbial in
my opinion. I didn't need / see the point in any sort of
tilt either. Anyway, I nipped out to B&Q and bought 4 x M8
40mm bolts and 4 flush mount picture/mirror holders for
approx £10. The plasma is now mounted very firmly to the
wall and I just saved myself enough cash for the converter.
3. There is very faint buzz which changes loudness
depending on what is being displayed. It is not fan buzz, it
appears to emanate from the plasma screen itself. It is not
invasive and is perfectly acceptable (to me). If I'd not read the
posts in this Forum, then I would have probably not given it
another thought. Anyway its drowned at by my SKY+ box ;)

In summary - Would definitely recommend this set to anyone.
+ big thumbs up to AV Sales. I ordered this set on Thursday
and when the guy told me it would be here by Tuesday I
didn't believe him. It arrived 1st thing Monday!


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Hi Reggs,

How are you finding your new toy?

What made you opt for the 5sereis rather than the 4 series?



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Absolutely love it. I can't wait for the component video box to turn up.
I opted for the 5 as it had a few improvements over the 4 and AV Sales had it at what I consider to be a bargain price.
I think the 4 is awesome BTW and better than most of the other makes that I've seen personally.

TH-42PWD4UY (4) vs. TH-42PWD5UY (5)
The (5UY) replaces the (4UY) in September, 2002 as the new model. There are very few technical differences (not related to performance differences) to note as follows:
1) The new 5UY has some built in real gamma correction circuitry to further the number of levels of gray from 1024 to 2048.
2) The pixel cell structure has been changed and improved to an asymmetrical design to further “purify” reds and blues. This new structure may also improve light-emitting balance in the three primary colors.
3) The 5UY has a new phosphor type to help further enrich color reproduction.
4) One of the most noticeable differences is the new automatic contrast tracking control. With this feature selection the plasma display automatically adjusts the contrast of the display according to roomlight conditions.
5) The unit has an improved remote control with enhanced menu functions notably image reversal (to further prevent phosphor burn on display units)

The full low down I found here -

Joe Fernand

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AVForums Sponsor

Great to hear you are so happy with your new plasma display.

Just a quick couple of point on the 'highlights ' list on your last post.

01. The PWD5 and PHD5 models are in fact 1024 step grey scale when fitted with the RCA or BNC terminal board - the 2048 figure is possible but only when you fit the optional DVI terminal board (and then only on the DVI input).

02. The remote control on the 5 Series is the same as the remote on the 4 Series - there are possibly more hidden menus on a 5 Series but the actual remote is the same.

03. CATS - I would be tempted not to use this feature for Home Cinema use - its primary use being in commercial installations that are running 24 hours a day.

04. Screen Saver modes - the 5 Series and 4 Series display have the same screen saver modes; White Scroll bar, Screen Reversal and Side Panel Adjustment.

Best regards



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Thank you Reggs and Joe for your replies...

I have been a hi-fi enthusiast for some years.

However recently, the more knowledge i seem to gain, the harder it is to make a decision....

and I want a Plasma mommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The choice is between a Pioneer MXE and a Panasonic, ( either a 4 or a 5, but exact model, Im not sure)

Oh Ideally i need to win the lottery as well to aid the purchase process!



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Thanks Joe. My comments were taken straight from the link I gave - I'm nowhere near as
informed as that and probably wouldn't want to be - I'll rely on you guys for that.



It just Brilliant !!!

I received my Panasonic TH-42PWD4 on Tuesday as expected at 1.00pm delivery by TNT.

As promised it was brand new and an unopened box filled with Japanese air !

I have been using a SCART to RGB + Sync (BNC's) lead, feed from DVD, ITV Digital and Motorised Digital Satellite (Sammy 9500) via a SCART RGB switching box.
I did try S-Video lead from the DVD, but when you connect it to the D4, its disconnects the Comp Video input (Sync on Green), so you can't use the SCART to RGB lead at the same time.

a) NO Buzzing, just normal switch mode PSU noise you will get from any TV.
b) NO Missing or Stuck pixels at all.
c) A Jaw dropping picture, with NO flicker.

WARNING: Don't use cheap £7.00 SCART leads, you can SEE difference when using a £30+ cable.
The cheap SCART leads are not screened correctly for high speed Video signals and don't use 75R coaxial leads for each RGB signal.

I used to work in the TV trade, so I know when anything its wrong with a TV picture.
I can say that the Panasonic D4 is just PERFECT, if you view it from 10 feet away.

I saw a 5B connected to the new Panasonic DVD at Manchester Hi-fi show the other week, and I was NOT impressed with the new 5B picture.
I would like to see a D4 and D5 next to each other to make a fair comparison, but I can only report what I have seen.

Anyway, thats why I went for the D4 at £3100 (FREE Delivery + 1 year RTB warranty).

I am VERY happy !!!

I currently have the D4 propped vertical (10 degree) against a very heavy coffee table, with a 100Kg Sub woofer on top so I can run tests.
I have also threaded some rope through the handles and around the coffee table legs, to stop it falling over.

As the D4 is shipped vertical in a carboard box, I concluded that it would not harm the screen been propped up.

My next big task is to get a Fireplace fitted, then mount the D4 above it using a Unicol Flat wall Mount.
Then run the cables in the wall !

If you want to make your own SCART to D4 cable then see my post "RBG SCART to Panny D4 lead".
But I would recommend buying one, eg. CPC Part Number AV04168 (3 Metre) at £49.52, I am about to order one today.

Have Fun,

:D :D :D


Hi bluebear,

glad to hear you are enjoying it. Only 3 days to go till my Panny arrives:D

I'll be doing the same as you, propped up in the box to test then stored away until my house is finished:( JS box ordered aswell (RGB to VGA) should arrive on Monday also.

Agree with you on the cable stuff, I'm not going to scrimp on them. Why spend £3k on a plasma then go all cheap on probably the most critical part.

Where are you getting that cable from? is it a good one?




I have ordered them from CPC (You can work out what the web site is:D)

The SCART to RGB cable part Number AV04168 (3 Metre) uses Van Damme OFC Red Series cable, so should be good, can also get them in 1, 3, and 5 Meters lengths (Should get it tomorrow).

I have also got three SCART to SCART Part number AV0750666 @£23 each, I love these cables they are very flexible and such superior quality.

I think I will be on Bread & soup for weeks to save money, when I get my VISA bill.

I have attached a Picture of the SCART to SCART cable:



  • av07506_img.jpg
    11.7 KB · Views: 130



Just so we don't frighten potential purchasers the 4 and 5 series panny produce the same wonderful quality pictures. If the 5 you saw wasn;t as good as your 4 then it's not been setup properly. Trust me.


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