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Hello all

I have been reading up on this and it seems to be a subject that divides people, perhaps someone can advice me what is best for my system:

I have my SkyHD connected to the my surround sound via HDMI and optical, the receiver is then connected to the tv via HDMI:

YHT-196 - Home Theater Packages - Yamaha - UK and Ireland

I own a PS3 (slim) but I needed an extra HDMI cable that arrived today.

Once the PS3 is connected to the receiver via HDMI do I want the PS3 setting to send the sound bitstream or lpcm?

I appreciate any help.


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If you set it as lpcm, the ps3 will decode the audio.

If you set it to bitstream, your amp will decode the audio.

Either way you will end up with the sound being decoded to lossless audio (as long as the disc is lossless), so depends if you can hear a difference, and set to whichever you prefer.

I would say the amp will likely have a better decoder though.


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Thanks for the reply. I do understand that bitstream will send the signal to the amp which then decodes the signal and that LPCM does the opposite. I was more curious as to what is the best set up with my hardware.

I emailed Yamaha who have advised me to go with LPCM.



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I don't think your reciever actually supports bitstream does it?

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