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Can anyone help me? I'll start by telling you what 'gear' I'm using:

Talk Talk 8Mb broadband: Netgear DMP111 modem, Netgear WNR854T Wireless N router, a Toshiba Equium laptop running Vista (pah!) Home Premium and Vuze as my torrent client.

I use Vuze to access community based and user made files. I'm having terrible trouble getting decent download speeds, these speeds as I type this are very low. I'll put the most pertinent info here:

File name Seeds Peers DownSpeed UpSpeed Tracker
abc123 34(2147) 7(1106) 134 B/s 0 B/s OK (dht:)

I've set up port forwarding on my router for a specified port and checked it on Vuze, which states it's OK!

However, a warning message pops up and says cannot connect on port xxxxxxx.

Also, I found that changing the channel of my router had a brief speed up effect. What does changing a router channel do?

Please help me as I'm reluctant to spend 11 days downloading a file from the community (no I'm not into pirated stuff). Can someone recommend some good settings for me?!?!?



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I'm pretty sure that TT operate a traffic shaping policy i.e. Reduce the speed of P2P downloads etc.,

There's some more info here. It looks as if it may be slightly less strictly enforced overnight so it may be worth trying your download then.
I'm no expert with Vuze, but you're saying it tells you the port is forwarded ok, then pops up an error telling you it is not?

Have you definately forwarded the port correctly? Does it forward to your PC's local IP address? Have you checked that you are forwarding TCP and UDP?

I've just noticed that Vuze is the new name for Azureus :nono:
If you can't get it working, I'd suggest trying a different torrent client, such as uTorrent (which is actually [Greek Letter]muTorrent) and attempting the same port forwarding routine with that.

oh, and the channel on your router just changes the channel it broadcasts wireless signals around your house on, to avoid the rare cases where something causes interference; it has nothing to do with the external internet settings

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