bit the bullet c7+3802 views please


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will this work ok, have 3802+cdm1nts, have had loads of demos integrated over 3802 for 2 chan, been trying for ages to get home demo of unico-remote amp, lots of promises but to no avail,
anyway, decided to take a chance, moorgate were selling cyrus c7 for a good price, i have ordered black ex dem with warrenty +postage for £443, i have never heard cyrus amps, if c7 does not suite my needs, after trying it, i can return to dealer for refund -postage, my query preout of 3802 to c7 use c7 to power fronts, use with sterio sources, 3802 is 105 wpc c7 is 60wpc i know i can add smartpower to c7 if needbe, your views please,


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I haven't heard the Denon 3802 (probably in a minority on this forum!!) - I have the Marantz 5200. But I do have a Cyrus 7 amp and IMHO it is mega. The sound is amazing - very detailed and clear. I think that you are likely to love it.

Let us know when you get it.


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thanks for reply wsd glad you like it, will be a while untill i recieve c7, if you are using c7 for sterio in conjuntion with 5200 for av,the only bugbare is the "jugling of 2 voliume controlls) and remembering to turn volume on c7 back to (0) after using with av,


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I must admit I was toying with the idea of seeing what it was like using the Cyrus 7 for the front pair - however, it couldn't be permanent as the TV + 5200 are in a sitting room at the back of the house and I bought the Cyrus for the front sitting room.

Still - Cyrus is v. good.

Chris Frost

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I think you've gone the right way with the Cyrus.

I had a Denon 3801 before upgrading. Great for movies, and although it was thought to be one of the better AV amps for music it still wasn't a patch on a budget Hi-Fi amp.

The difference in wattage between AV amps and HiFi amps isn't really a problem - HiFi amps give more current. My old Cyrus 1 was but 40 Amps, so it played real loud.


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