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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by karkus30, May 19, 2004.

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    Having chosen my h/c weapons of choice, its time to set about automating everything.

    I intend to use a PDA as controller, I use a 2210 with the Nevo s/ware which works pretty well and sends IR signals.

    I need a set of 3 vertical motorised black-out blinds for the bay window.

    My intention is to control the room in 4 stages.

    1. All lights and h/c system switched off.

    2. Standby for film, lights at 50%, amp on, dvd on and pj on and curtains closed.

    3. Film play, lights out, ability to adjust volume and pj settings.

    4. Pause, film pauses, lights to 10%

    and back to off.

    So, I will need the following
    Motorised black out blinds with IR remote control.
    light switch with dimming ability via infra red
    probably some sort of IR repeater as I dont want to have to point at everything in turn.

    Whats the best plan of action and where is the best place to buy??

    Thanks in advance.

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