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hey all im new to all of this so sorry if this in the wrong section for a start, so here we go right iv got a 42" nec plazma but its only got certain conections on the side, so i went out purchased s-video lead and also the scart witch suports the s-video to, i got it all set up and the picture came on but its in black and white, iv got it set on the tv to s-video but i cant seem to find it on the digi box so im thinking that it mite be the digi box not suporting s-video, so i think i need a digi box what puts out s-video but i cant seem to find one so if anyone nos were i can get one from for a resanable price then let me no cheers and again sorry if im in the wrong section lol :smashin:


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i sounds as though you have correctly identified the lack of s-video support. S-video splits the signal into a colour signal and black & white signal.

What are the other connections? Cables may be cheaper than a digi box.


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Check the box manual it's often the case that s-video is only available from the vcr scart


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audio out
audio in 2
s-video in-out
external control out
audio in 1 (mono)
rgb 1
g/y in-out
rgb 2/dvd/hd
romote in-out
rgb3 in

thats all is on there people if thats any help, i wasent to sure but can i go thhrough vga?? because i can get an vga cable with a scrat lead on the end but not to sure if it would work


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I think you need to identify make and model no of the plasma and also each piece of equipment you're trying to connect to it.

IF we're lucky we can download the manual or spec sheets and picture from which we should be able to identify connections and advise you further.


NEC plasma monitor modle px-42vp3g thats the model people just let mr no what i can do asap plz would be a big help :smashin:

Everyone is keen to help ... but please help them to help you by avoiding the use of txtspk. Thanks.


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RGB on SCART has syncs on green. The plasma requires PC-style synchronisation signals - separate V-ertical and H-orizontal.

This requires electronics in a box, I'm afraid. I'm sure if you search hard enough you'll find cheaper ones.

You could connect in composite from a device using a Scart to BNC (video) and 2 x RCA (audio) lead.

Another device might use the component input (may be labelled Y, Cb, Cr) could be used to connect a device (like a DVD player) that has composite outputs. These are often RCA connectors coloured Red, Green and Blue on consumer equipment but the plasma may use BNC connectors once again.
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