Bit of help making up my mind on end of PCP options


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hi all

I got my daughter a Hyundai i10 on a PCP three years ago. I've never PCP'd a car before.

Term is now up and there's a GBP3800 final payment left on a car which is probably a little bit less than good condition. The car is within the mileage allowance and I think it's "fair" wear and tear on the car.

Auto trader is saying that guide trade-in value is GBP4500 and private sale is GBP5200 for good condition.

She's looking at replacement cars but can;t make her mind up and doesn;t know how much finance she can get yet.

Is it worth us paying the final payment and using it for a while so she doesn't have to rush into a decision? I can't make my mind up.

Any opinion would be appreciated. What would you do?


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See how much webuyanycar say it's worth, then knock 20% off

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If you can afford it, I'd make the final payment. The car is yours then and you can do what you like with it and take your time looking around.
I’m confused, is it fair wear and tear or is it less than good condition? That will make all the difference when you come to sell it.

These days there is hardly Ny equity left in cars, so the answer should be based on timing. Another way of looking at it would be, take a look on autotrader. Can you buy your own car for less then what you are about to pay?

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Fair wear and tear would be a couple of minor car park "dings" or small scratches, maybe one or two scuffs on alloy wheels? Any more than that and you'll be looking at paying some refurb costs.


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i'm of a mind to pay it and keep it for a bit

it is mainly car park dings and a couple of scuffs.

it will need an MOT but will give us a bit of time to make a proper decision and i'm fairly confident I won't lose money.

thanks for the replies though.

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