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May 24, 2005
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North Yorkshire
Hope you chaps can help

New build house, dot and dab walls gap of about 30mm between the plaster and breeze (so Mr Builder tells me)

Want to mount a 50 inch Panasonic (TXP50C, 34KG) into the gap between the chimney breast and window, will be mainly positioned at 45 degrees and sometimes pushed further into corner for Kinect and Wii play.

Been looking at THIS.

After geeking around, I think best bet is to cut out square of plaster board same size as wall bracket and replace with ply plugged to breeze block. Then attach to bracket to said ply (to save plaster board pulling etc)

Any problems that anyone can see with this plan?, and finally what make and length wall fixings would you suggest.

Thanks guys for any suggestions, if plan ok, going to ask builders who still on site to lend a hand for beer/ciggie money.
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Plan sounds good although I'd do it slighlty differently. Ply is ok but will still flex with a bracket and TV attached. I'd cut away the plasterboard and attach a couple of battens to the breezeblock to the same depth as the plasterboard. Then use frame fixings through the battens into the block to attach the bracket. This way the bracket is actually attached to the block with the battens used as spacers. It'll be much more solid and you don't need to remove as much plasterboard.

Here's an alternative for the bracket, you'll find a double arm bracket will support the TV better if it's going to be pulled out to 45 degrees most of the time. The single arm ones do tend to sag with large TVs on;

Hope this helps.


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