Bit of assistance please - Cost of the following specification


Right, here goes.... A colleague at work has a son who's asked for a gaming pc / laptop for christmas :eek: anyway, the lad has given his dad the following spec.

Cpu: Intel core i5 2400
Operating system: Microsoft windows7 home premium 64-bit
Motherboad: Gigabyte: Z68AP-D3
Hard drive: 1TB
Optical drive: 22x dvd rw dl-sata
Graphics card: NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB
Sound card: Any

Games I want to play: battlefield 3, skyrim, modern warfare 3

In short, anyone have any idea how much something like this would cost ?, I've done some brief googling this morning but haven't found anything that matches unless it's custom built, which is probably what my colleagues son is aiming for :laugh:

Thank you in advance.


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i5 2400 CPU is about £145,
that motherboard is £75, (you could save money by getting an H61 motherboard about £45)
4GB RAM £20,
DVD drive £15,
550ti £90 ( probably can do better for the money maybe GTX 460 or 6850)
SOund built into graphics card / motherboard
1TB HDD - now that going to push the price up big time unless you can get one used!
Windows 7; depends where you buy it, £40 upwards
Then you need a case and power supply which together will cost about £60 for something half decent or about £30 for something really cheap

Something similar prebuilt but with a better graphics card GTX 560 and slightly better CPU i5 2500k and 8GB RAM but you would have to buy Windows 7 for it[email protected]+3.30GHz+DDR3+Gaming+PC+?productId=47281
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