bit of advice with my setup and connecting other gear.


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Need a bit of advice please.

What do you guys think would be the best way to connect the following gear to a samsung ps42e7hd?

It has 2 scart, 1 component and 1 hdmi. And i have a yamaha rxv359 av amp to use for switching and 5.1.

Xbox 360(soon)
Liteon lvw5004 dvd recorder
Sky Pace digibox(not plus)
Dreambox 7000s

Basicly i want to get the best possible quality with all of these connected. But as im putting cables into the walls, i want to try and make sure that i am kind of futureproof(or as futureproof as you can be these days) as i dont fancy reopning the walls anytime soon.

All advice appreciated, thanks.


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At the moment, im thinking

Xbox via component - amp
ps2 via component - amp
dreambox via compoennt - amp
dvd recorder via rgb scart - tv
sky via rgb - dvd recorder
360 via hdmi - tv
amp via component - tv

Therefore needing a hdmi, a hdmi and a component cable fitting into the walls when i do the chasing this week.

Anyone got any better suggestions or spot anything ive missed?

should i also consider fitting an extra scart, composite and arial cables into the wall aswell just incase?
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