Bit of a newbie, advice welcome



At present i listen to most of my music through my pc, however i've just ordered a new tv and so am maybe thinking about upgrading my sound. It'd be using using sound from consoles, tv, dvd player and music from my pc. I've been looking around and it'd seem the best option would be for me to get an av receiver and a set of speakers(correct me if i'm wrong). However budget is a worry, and its for my bedroom, its a pretty big bedroom (Student house, old living room style thing) but i figure i shouldn't need to spend *that* much getting a decent 5.1 setup, to be honest its unlikely that i'll ever be having it too loud with respect for housemates/neighbours :D

Looking around the Richer sounds website somthing like the Sony STRDE495 seems reasonably priced, i know its not highend, but i think most of the ones i've seen mention browsing the forums seem to be the top end of the market, and thats not really realistic for me.

So that got me looking at the speaker packages from richer as well. I was looking around the same price as the receiver so budget end i know which left me with a few

Eltax Spectrum
Panasonic SBTP10
Gale Moviestar 2
Gale Moviestar 3
Pioneer SV40
Limit HC40

Which/any of these would be best for my needs, also are there any other you would recommend, i'm willing to perhaps up my budget a little as long as its definately a worthwhile upgrade.

Thanks for any help in advance!
Welcome to the forum bob

We've all got to start somewhere and RS is where lots of us have started, me included. You haven't said what your budget is yet. Difficult to recommend without knowing.

I have some Eltax speakers which I'm happy with for the price, but i think some of their really cheap stuff is not quite as good TBH.

Best thing is to let your own ears decide. Richers are ok if you can get there when they are quiet and try and book a demo in. Saturday afternon is not really the time ;)

Alterntively consider 2nd hand. Many members have gone down that route and some real bargains can be found - there have been plenty of Missions and KEFs for sale. You can even try putting a wanted ad.

Hope this helps and good luck

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