Birmingham midshires mortgage grumble (advice?)

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Been on a fixed rate of 7.99% with these guys since June 2008 (payments of £765pm)

anyway good news, letter came through today saying that I will be reverting to my tracker rate of 2.69% above BBR giving me payments of £492pm (which I was surprised they honoured)

now the problem is, it's going to take effect from NEXT month! I know there's the stipulation that your rate will change from the 1st of each month following a rate change, but technically that's this month, and in my statement last year also noted the change.

How do I go about getting them to drop it this month?

Last years statement was from June to May, this one is June to May. Why should I be fleeced of £280 for another month! I bet they will be quick to raise rates when due!


surely it's a matter of wording. the change takes place after they change the rate and they change the rate this month, then it will take effect in real terms from next month. so any time the rate changes it will affect you the following month, so you have advance notice of the change. thus if the rate went up and you had to pay more, you know about it to budget appropriately

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Yea but the interest rate changed over a year ago. They even stated the change last year in my annual statement

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nevermind should of read the keyfacts better, "25 payments of" :suicide: I should of realised there was 25 months in 2 years

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