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G a f f e r

Well-known Member
I know this game is a year old now but the abysmal lack of advertising means that I only just found out about it - so here's my review.


The Game:
This is an excellent game. If you like flight sims, you'll love this. It's from the team behind Birds of Prey and I think that is a standout game. However, it's not without a few issues and I don't think it's quite as good as that game so BoS drops a few marks here.

I prefer to play on SIMULATION setting so half of your time is spent trying to stay aloft let alone completing the mission objectives, but I prefer this setting. One issue is that whilst I do like realism, I prefer "Virtual Cockpit" view rather than actual "Cockpit" view but unlike in BoP (Birds of Prey), in BoS you cannot see an IAS/Throttle setting even if you select it in the preferences, so you have no idea of your speed unless you quickly switch back and forth between Cockpit and Virtual Cockpit views all the time. It SHOULD actually show this because there is no other way to visualise your speed in Virtual Cockpit view (no dials to see) and it does this correctly in BoP even in Simulation mode, but it doesn't in BoS (i.e, you SHOULD be able to know your IAS/Throttle %/altitude in ANY view you choose, and not just with the easier modes). Unfortunately, this bug will not be fixed as Gaijin has stopped actively updating/supporting the game (so no more updates).
Having said that, though, areas have been improved such as better button mapping and customisability, and more accurately modelled flight physics. I use a Thrustmaster Hotas X joystick and with customised settings, it has a better layout than I could get in a big plus there.
In terms of fun, if I just want a good old arcade blast, I can simply switch to "simple mode" with the DS3 and go out shooting.
The trump card is something I have wished for on BoP which they have implemented on BoS which is Replays - something which have I been used to since GT5 and think is a great addition.
On a negative I thought the music was far better on BoP than on BoS.
Overall, a great game, not quite as good as BoP as that dealt with the more "close to home" Battle of Britain and you're flying spits and hurricanes, whereas this deals with the more distant campaign in the Pacific flying US/Jap naval aircraft....but a well deserved 8/10 from me nonetheless.

The Downside:
Unfortunately, most of the only copies available through online sellers are copies from North America (you'll probably get a copy from Canada). The game itself is Region Free, so it will play fine. However, not only will you get no DLC as the EU PSN Store downloads won't be compatible with your NA game, but once you have completed the game, you will NOT be able to sell it at UK shops and you will NOT be able part exchange it for a new game in UK shops.

Secondly, as Gaijin are no longer providing updates for the game, WYSIWYG.

If you're happy with an Import game (DESPITE Amazon using a UK Boxart picture to promote it) and are fine with Single Player and Online only (NO resale value, no DLC), then get this game, as in of itself, it's a definite 8/10 and great fun to, you can pick it up for around £25 now - it's a no brainer :thumbsup:.

Addendum: How to take off from a carrier when fully laden
Thought I'd add this as it's a bugger to do when in a fully bomb-prepped SBD or TBF Avenger:
  1. Pull throttle all the way back (reduce speed to 0 so you don't creep along the deck)
  2. Select Supercharger ON if your plane has it
  3. Select Flaps = Takeoff (and wait a few seconds for them to fully deploy)
  4. Go to full throttle
  5. As you gather speed, micro-adjust rudder to counter the effects of engine torque
  6. Once airborne off the end of the deck, IMMEDIATELY retract your Gear, otherwise the increased drag will make you crash
  7. V V SLIGHT pull back on stick to bring attitude JUST above horizon and NO MORE (too much here and you'll stall)
  8. Keep adjusting rudder to stay level until up to a decent speed (about 5-10s) and retract flaps

...oh...and I've attached my custom mapping for Simulator mode if using a Thrustmaster HOTAS X flight stick and quite well for me.


  • IL-2 Thrustmaster.jpg
    IL-2 Thrustmaster.jpg
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Novice Member
Good review, how did you make the jpeg of your custom mapping? I would like to make the same for my custom mapping.

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