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Birds of Prey Pictures


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I took a trip to Andover at the weekend, to the Hawk Conservancy Trust.
It looked more like a white lens convention when I got there, with my 70-200 being the smallest of the lot.... but hey, it's what you do with it that counts! :D

Ideal conditions (blue sky and light breeze) landed me a fair few that I was pleased with. Here's 4 for now, all clickable for larger size:

1. Barn Owl

2. The same Barn Owl, but a bit closer!

3. Kestrel

4. Kite

The thing that impressed me the most was how well trained the birds were. As a day out it gets a big :thumbsup: from me. Very entertaining and worth the trip.

As always, all C&C welcome.
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They should be clickable to the flickr page, where the all sizes button should show you the larger size. (Hopefully?).

Nope, no all size button there.
Do you have flickr set so that only contacts (friends and family) can see the larger sizes?


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A few more....

The Vultures were flying low over head

This fella was called Davy Jones. He catches snakes and jumps up and down on their head to kill them.

He even takes flying kicks in mid air!

I'd never seen anything like it before!
If anyone knows what sort of bird it is then I'd be interested to find out! (I'm sure they said at the time.... but my memory is like a sieve!).


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Fab pictures

The bird is known as a 'Secretary Bird'


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Great shots and I agree that number 1 is the best of a good set :thumbsup:


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Agreed, Davy Jones is a Secretary bird. Native to Africa and, as said, its natural prey is snakes. It usually hunts on foot, only flying if it has to, hence the long legs.

My favourite is the first one of the secretary bird, purely because you don't see them that often, although the whole set is good. :thumbsup:


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Thanks squizza & jomike. The Secretary bird was quite impressive to watch, even though they said it was more akin to taking a dog for a walk than a display flight...


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I am sure there must be a joke about the Secretary bird and peckers, but I cannot quite recall it :eek::devil::D


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Great Pics !!

Caught these two shots this morning. Images have no real merit..OOF etc...but can anyone tell me what Bird of Prey this is ?? It was just sat on my back fence. Appears to be quite a young bird (notice the tufts of white downy-type feathers).



Shot with a Tamron 200-400mm @ 400mm ISO 800, hand held.

Larger on my Flickr..




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A Sparrowhawk maybe ??....searched the web for a bit of info/images and it looks a good bet. Any experts out there ?


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