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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by powder40, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Is it ok to use a pair of Bipole speakers as rears I have a pair on my side wall so is it ok to use the same speakers for the back hope someone can help.
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    Yes - though technicaly they're not recommended. In practice, I think they work very well indeed.

    Due to acoustic problems, I couldn't have ordinary mono-pole speakers as my rears, so thought I'd try some Eltax HT2s instead. They worked brilliantly! They fixed the problem the mono-poles had, but still gave a clear rear soundfield that was well defined. It seems to me that bipoles behave very much the same as monopoles - they still sound very much like a point source which is what you're supposed to have.

    I then tried a pair as my side surrounds to see what that would be like and see if they were better because they would match the rears tonaly. I found very little difference between them and the mono-poles they replaced, so kept the set-up as 4 bi-poles. The sound is still very much a point source as you probably know - it's very obvious which speaker the sound is coming from (left or right), and everybody else in the room has the opertunity to hear the sound from the correct speaker too.

    So, although Dolby etc suggest that you should use monopoles as side and rear surrounds because that is the arrangment the soundtrack is encoded for, I think that in reality there's very little difference.

    Which ones are you using?


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