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Hello. I would like to ask for your guys' advise. I currently purchased a Yamaha TSR-5790BL 7.2 AV receiver to upgrade from my 5.1.

I currently have PSB Alpha T1's for Front speakers and PSB Alpha B1's for sorround/rear, PSB Alpha C1 for center and a Klipsch SW.

I have my couch flat against the wall. Illustration below is my current set-up and don't really have a choice move the couch off the wall. And the french *doors, not windows, wont allow me to put speakers on that side of should-have-been-a-wall-instead-of-useless-french-door side of the room.

I am looking to buy a pair of Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-240S to put against the wall. And maybe put the B1's in the middle (with ceiling brackets) and toe it in the middle. I am not sure if this set-up is BEST.

Should I go ahead with the purchase of the Bipole speakers? If not? What set-up should I go with for best movie experience for the current lay-out? Should I just add 2 more bookshelf speakers like the B1s?

Would appreciate and thank you all for your input.


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I'm very pleased with my monitor audio bipole spears. Our sofa is against the back wall as well. I don't know the klipsch so can't comment on that. Prior to that I had other speakers on the side wall and high up. The bipole is much better.

I must admit that I don't understand what the speakers in the middle on the ceiling are for....

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