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Hello. I would like to ask for your guys' advise. I currently purchased a Yamaha TSR-5790BL 7.2 AV receiver to upgrade from my 5.1.

I currently have PSB Alpha T1's for Front speakers and PSB Alpha B1's for sorround/rear, PSB Alpha C1 for center and a Klipsch SW.

I have my couch flat against the wall. Illustration below is my current set-up and don't really have a choice move the couch off the wall. And the french *doors, not windows, wont allow me to put speakers on that side of should-have-been-a-wall-instead-of-useless-french-door side of the room.

I am looking to buy a pair of Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-240S to put against the wall. And maybe put the B1's in the middle (with ceiling brackets) and toe it in the middle. I am not sure if this set-up is BEST.

Should I go ahead with the purchase of the Bipole speakers? If not? What set-up should I go with for best movie experience for the current lay-out? Should I just add 2 more bookshelf speakers like the B1s?

Would appreciate and thank you all for your input.


I'm very pleased with my monitor audio bipole spears. Our sofa is against the back wall as well. I don't know the klipsch so can't comment on that. Prior to that I had other speakers on the side wall and high up. The bipole is much better.

I must admit that I don't understand what the speakers in the middle on the ceiling are for....

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