bipole speakers, rented accommodation.. how to mount?


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Just moved into rented accommodation and want to avoid drilling holes.

1. I don't have a drill
2. It would need to be repaired
3. I don't know what type of walls these are

I have seen some 3M command sticky nails but the speakers I have are 3kg. 2 mounting points on the back. Each 3M nail is rated at 2kg.

This does seem a tad risky, otherwise I may have to change speakers for something I can place on a stand.



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Tap the wall, if it's plasterboard, use a couple of panel pins/picture hooks. Should be fine for 3kg and very easy to repair.


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I had my dipoles on top of tall cd / dvd racks for years when i was living in a flat, worked well.

When I first moved into my current house, I had them on a normal pair of speaker stands and also sounded fine to be honest.

Now wall mounted but not a huge difference in sound from sitting on the speaker stands.

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