bipolar rear speaker placement...

Mr Cat

Hi, I've just got a hold of some Eltax ht-2 bipolar rears - where is the best place to put them, on the wall behind, or at the side of me...???

as an interim measure I've got them about 45 degrees behind me perched on some boxes until I can get them on the wall...

just I've heard conflicting views from different people...



Mine are placed high up on the back wall approx 4/5ft above head level and approx 1ft below the ceiling, to be honest though this was the only place I could position them without a serious room move around, side walls were/are a no go, still they sound pretty good to me.
In a perfect world hovever I think side wall placing, slightly behind the seating position would work best! I did read somewhere that they were developed so one driver should be facing the seating position whilst the other driver bounced sound off a rear or near by wall to reinforce the rear sound stage filling the room with more sound.

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