Bioshock Disk Won't Play


Completed this game today and now when I try and play it again, I am getting disc read errors. It does look slightly scratched too.

No wonder people mod their bloody xboxes and backup their games.

This has really annoyed me.


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I have bought over 40 games and have never had any disc issues but i always take my discs out when im not playing the game


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I scratched my COD2 disk by always leaving it in the console.

I didn't learn, cause I still do it now!


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Well I didn't remove the disk I must admit.

I just left it in whilst downloading stuff

check for the ring of death ,not the three lights on the console, but a ring burnt on to the disc this can happen if the console is knocked while a disc is in and the console is on.


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Or this could be the start of your drive scratching disks so get it fixed... If you get any more disk read errors on other games get it repaired before it wrecks your entire games collection.


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Does the 360 only do this when it is moved or does it sometimes just happen?
That's a bit annoying, sorry to hear about your probs.

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