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Bingo display screen (seeing from a distance!)

Gala Man

Standard Member
Hi folks, can anyone advise where I can purchase a 'larger than normal sized' LCD display bingo machine or advise of a way to enhance the display size to people watching from a distance (some form of magnifier etc.).

Our annual bingo night takes place in a long marquee tent (180' x 40') and people up the back of the tent always complain of not seeing the numbers on the display unit (some are never pleased as the sound sysytem is loud enough). Thanx.


Distinguished Member
Two ways off the top of my head:

1 1 projector with a 3 metre screen(or bigger)

2 Use a video splitter from your source and have several large TV's around the Marquee.

I have leant my PJ out for a charity night before its just the screen i cannot provide as mine is fixed. Whereabouts are you?

Gala Man

Standard Member
Thanks for responding Steve. My only problem being with a projector is the time of day (summer time = long light nights) as daylight coming through the semi-transparent marquee covering means any screen is hard to see during these hours.

I'm not sure the make and model of our bingo machine our bingo lady has to see if it has video output capability, but only know some people up the back (especially our older ones) struggle to see the current size of display she operates with. I have over 600 people attending. After extensive net crawling, I can't seem to find any bingo machines over 18"s squared.:suicide:

Fitting TVs would not be an option for us due to low head room height around the tent sides (7') and the risk of weighted equipment hanging from the middle of the roof sections.


Active Member
No cost (temporary solution until something comes up)
Reserve front seats for the short sighted people.

Could this be used?

Software used on pc to output > monitor, tv, projector.
Large, fullscreen display of numbers

Bingo Caller displays the current number being drawn, plus (optionally) the rhyming call for that number, in a large font on a black background. This is very useful for projecting the bingo calls onto the wall, outputting to a television or simply displaying on your monitor. You could show the screen to the players, or use the large display to ensure you don't have any problems reading the numbers drawn.
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