Billion BiPAC P106N HomePlug AV 200 Wireless-N Wall Plug Starter Kit

New Start Neil

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Hi all,

I'm looking at the above item for a colleague of mine.

He has a large, old house that currently gives the standard wireless coverage issues due to the distance of the rooms and the (Talk Talk wireless N) router and also the structure of the house (big old walls!).

This looks like it might offer a solution:

Billion BiPAC P106N HomePlug AV 200 Wireless-N Wall Plug Starter Kit

Am I right in thinking that the "parent" plug just plugs into the wall next to the router and then into the Talk Talk Wireless N router via an ethernet cable?

Then, the "child" plug that would then plug into a mains socket somewhere else in the house and re-broadcast a wireless N signal?

If so, it looks like this could be the answer to his issues (finally!).

All info/advice welcomed! :thumbsup:


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I'd be interested to see the comments re the extender, I'm in the same situation at the moment trying to push wifi to the far corners of the house :(


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Had a similar problem with wifi coverage so grabbed the billion homeplugs and they worked well, the wifi from the N plug is great and we have around 165Mbs connection between the master plug and the wifi one.

Good luck

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